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Home Delivery

UR Fundraising offers a seamless home delivery service, allowing supporters to enjoy delicious meals while supporting their causes, making fundraising effortless and enjoyable.

Way easier to fundraise

How our home delivery works

  • You will receive your delivery during the 4 – hour time slot and date that you choose at checkout.
  • Our drivers will send an estimated time of delivery.
  • Two way communication between you and our drivers ensures a highly successful delivery experience.
  • You may have the ability to track orders in real-time with GPS position of the packages once the order leaves our warehouse.*** Depends on service provider, sometimes we have to use a secondary provider during peak times who may or may not provide GPS tracking service.
  • Flat rate shipping anywhere in Calgary.
  • Additional surcharge to surrounding communities.
$6.99 Delivery Within Calgary

On Orders Over $49

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